imageWhen I look back over my life, I think about the great gospel song recorded by Mahalia Jackson. The song is titled How I Got Over. A line in the song says, “My soul looks back and wonders how I got over.”

When I look back over my life, there were difficult times; there were times of uncertainty. There were tears, and there were times when I did not think I could endure another day. But as I look back at those times, the thing I remember most is that I had the courage to face the difficulties, and the faith to move forward. I knew that if I continued to persevere, I would come upon a smooth path.

When I look back over my life, I can clearly see that courage, faith, and trust provided the strength I needed to make it thus far. Even though I faced adversities that I thought would stop me in my tracks. Even when I could barely see my path through the tears, I pushed forward—sometimes not sure of where I’d end up. Each hurdle came with various degrees of difficulty. Each stumble projected me forward, and after every fall, I rebounded to a higher level. Each time a door closed, a new door opened to reveal more opportunities for my betterment.

Today, my soul, mind, and spirit look back and wonder—how I got over. My heart feels that my journey was an amazing adventure filled with suspense, doubt, and fear. Yet, when I look back over my life, I see a celebration at every turn. Back then, the celebration was subtle. To be honest, the bigger celebration occurred when I looked back with a new prospective, seeking more understanding. Many things are easier to understand from a “spectator” position.

Memories hold our stories; it is so important that we use those memories to look back and appreciate the good that existed in our lives. Doing so could help us to extract tools that will support us in our present and future endeavors. Each time I review my story, I find more tools for living my life, and for anticipating a bright future. As I look back over my life, I realize—life has been good. I still marvel at how far I’ve come. No matter how far my journey takes me, I think I will still look back and wonder how I got over. But one thing is for certain–I am forever grateful that I have grown to appreciate the fact that there are so many reasons why I did get over.


The Song–“How I Got Over”
Writen By Clara Ward in 1952

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