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Make Your Crafting Skills an Active Part of Your Life

If you are good at something and you enjoy doing it, make it a part of your daily life. In this land of opportunity many have used crafting skills to open the door to exciting careers. Continue to enhance your crafting skills. Accept requests to teach family members, especially young children. City colleges, libraries, and […]


Take A Time-Out…Relax And Enjoy A Simple, Fat-Free Crochet Project

The holiday activity is over; the new year has begun. The toys and games have been tossed aside; the youngters are bored. Time-out… Whether you are looking for a simple craft project that can quickly be taught to young children or you just need a quick project to relax with, the patterns below provide the […]


Teaching Your Craft Adds Value To The World

Hello World of Crafters!  Hola y bien venido amigos! I am really pleased to see that so many people are learning crafts.  There are  a large number of knitting  and crotchet crafters.  Since I  crochet, I will focus on that particular craft.  Crochet is being enjoyed by individuals of all ages, male and female.  I personally believe […]

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