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The Clouds

Clouds are generally associated with disappointment, crushed dreams and missed opportunities. When clouds appear, people become so focused on them that they forget–they truly do pass on. The most beautiful and simple reminder of the promise and hope that hides behind clouds is the rainbow that nestles itself among them. So, we don’t even have […]


Life’s Challenges are Building Blocks for Your Future

Sometimes we place obstacles in our own path. Is that our way of avoiding pending challenges? Challenges condition us—mentally and physically. They give us a chance to tap into the reserve of strength that reveals itself when all other options have been exhausted. The road to success may have various obstacles, but we can maneuver […]


Use Gratitude and Appreciation to Power Your Life

We spend a lot of time and effort focusing on what is wrong in our lives.  Somehow we have arrived at the conclusion that the other guy has it all.  All of what?  We don’t know the answer; it just makes for a good defense when someone actually pauses long enough to listen to our non-productive comments.    We spend a lot of time and […]



L ast summer, while visiting my favorite recreation center, I saw the word “Greater” on a young woman’s tee shirt. The lettering was all caps and embellished in a silver metallic. Being an avid crafter, the shiny letters caught my eye immediately. I approached the young lady to let her know that I liked her […]

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