Teach Them Well

Teach Them Well

securedownloadParents are children’s best teachers; how they support and reinforce what their children learn is essential to proper development. Not only as it relatates to academics, but also in valuable lessons about life. Whether in a two-parent environment or single-parent structure, children must be encouraged to see themselves as powerful, worthy individuals. This works even at the infancy stage; babies and toddlers react favorably to praise. As their level of understanding increases, it is important to elaborate on their accomplishments. This, along with rewards and discipline, helps children aspire for “greater”.

No matter what an individual aspires to be or what he or she hopes to accomplish, the values instilled during the growing years are going to play a major role in their success.

Today’s children become more independent at an earlier age; therefore, parents need to find more ways to interact with them. If this mode of parenting starts at an early age, it is less likely to be viewed in a negative manner. Sometimes children set up “walls” to avoid having to deal with parents. Such barriers should not be forcibly removed. An easier, less invasive method of communicating with children is to find common ground where you, as a parent can connect with them. It might involve learning a computer game that you and the child can play together. This is also a good way to open the lines of communication with your child. Most children love to teach adults, and adults can learn a lot from children. Allow children to take charge and teach. Sometimes bridging the “gap” can be as simple as expressing interest in a subject that he or she enjoys. In the process, you are connecting to your child in a way that will encourage positive communication.

A major role in parenting is teaching children life skills. Though it is not an easy task, most parents, somehow, manage to provide the essentials. The rest, good or bad, will likely come with experience of living and maturing.
I’ve read that birds fly in a tight formation to ensure that predators cannot get in to their group. Safety in numbers. As humans, we could learn a valuable lesson from the birds. We need to keep the lines of communication open with children. Thus, establishing a close knit formation with the family, which is a sure way to cover any areas where predators might get in to sabotage the family values.

The lessons learned as a result of good parenting can provide valuable tools that will help children grow, mature and prosper. Invest in your children’s future—teach them well.


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