Get Out of Your Way!

Get Out of Your Way!

“Another day has gone by, and I did not get the things done that I had in my plan.” (Does that sound familiar?)

Most of the things that we truly want in life are within our reach. Yes, that also means that in order to acquire those things, we must sometimes expand our reach. We must strengthen our bodies, minds, and focus in order to ward off negativity and doubts. Negativity is the thing that is most likely to sabotage our plan. Sometimes we even wait, or anticipate something or someone that will be a block in the path. We might even give that as a reason to abandon the plan or deter our efforts.

I have learned (or finally admitted to myself) that if a block exists in the path to my goals—it is likely one that I put there myself. The main idea behind achieving goals is overcoming obstacles. So if there is something you truly want, you need to get out of your own way. Once you’ve done that, you can move forward freely, and with renewed focus.

You are the only person standing in the way of your dreams. If you are true to yourself, there will be no openings for others to enter and create blocks. If it is your goal, own it–and see it through to the end.

You will be amazed how freely you can navigate when you get out of your own way.

About GDR: I am a positive , self-motivated individual who has gained strength from life's gifts, trials and lessons. I enjoy networking with others through written communication. My goal is to inspire, motivate and fellowship with others via The gdr blog. Additionally, hablo espanol!

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