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Expressing Gratitude and Appreciation In All Aspects Of Your Life Will Give You A Better Outlook

sky colorsI am a firm believer that the universe sets its plan for each of us based on our gratitude emotions. If your state of mind is grateful and appreciating, then the universe positions itself so that everything in your life keeps you that way.  Express gratitude daily for things that you do have.   Expressing gratitude creates positive energy; just uttering the words “thank you” creates a flow of positive energy that can literally evoke the feeling of having just received a gift.   On many occasions I have actually laughed out loud in awe of the miraculous calming effect that an expression gratitude and appreciation brings on.

The healing of mind, body and spirit can be achieved through the power of gratitude and appreciation.  You can create good seasons in your life.   Simply express gratitude for all the great things that are in store for you.  Go ahead and start to celebrate because you are speaking your best seasons into existence!

Experience your best life through the power of the two words that have moved mountains and that have revealed doorways where there were none…..”Thank You.”

The strongest prayer is three simple words ……”Thank you, amen.”   There’s nothing to edit, explain or undo; all you need to do is send the gratitude……

An excellent book on this subject: “Thank You Power” By Deborah Norville.

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