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Focusing On The Mission Will Make The Journey More Rewarding; Creating Incentives For Yourself Is A Fun Way To Stay Motivated

This is the time of year for resolutions; many people have already made them. There will be changes and modifications, but anyone who has made a resolution, in essence, has created a mission statement for his or her life style. Even if no consideration is given to the actual steps required to fulfill resolutions, the intention is genuine. Most of us are very excited about New Year’s resolutions; however, we don’t always keep them.

Instead of making resolutions for the entire year, I prefer to create commitments for three to four months at a time. I have found that the short time span makes the journey to completion less overwhelming, and I am more inclined to extend the commitment.

A great way to keep your momentum in is to draft a newsletter and an award certificate dated for the end of the three or four month period. Treat yourself to a great lunch or dinner at the end of each accomplishment period; accept your rewards. Set new goals and draft more certificates and acknowledgements for yourself. Invite others to join you; even if your goals differ, you can encourage each other along the journey.

No matter what your mission is–completion should be your goal. Don’t make idle promises; make an honest effort. It is ok to set many short term goals, if that is what works for you. Many of us give up if journey becomes more challenging than anticipated. The solution is simple–adjust your time frames; create goals that build your self-esteem. Become your own cheering section, see yourself from the sidelines; marvel at how great you look on the journey. Maintain a positive outlook; stay focused on your mission–that is what will motivate you to complete the journey.
As you progress toward your goal, challenges become your stepping stones; they are illuminated to guide you–not to block you.

Yes, you can do this!

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