People, We’re Vegetarians—Not An Alien Life Force—Lighten UP

People, We’re Vegetarians—Not An Alien Life Force—Lighten UP

On August 12, 2009 I quietly celebrated my 1 year anniversary of Vegetarianism.  It has been an amazing experience, though challenging.  Surprisingly, the  challenge of the life style change was not difficult.  The hardest part of transforming to vegetarianism was dealing with the meat eaters. I was not aware of how seriously the meat eating population views its craft. I still have to be careful about who I tell that I am a vegetarian.  Although I do not flaunt it,  in certain places the information is required.  I have experienced  silent hate , as well as verbal abuse  from friends, family , and from strangers.    I’ve been singled out at cookouts , in my home, and even in health clubs.  Grant it, some people are impressed, some  express curiosity and ask for useful tips for  their pending conversions.  But the biggest challenge is dealing with the doubters. those that are just waiting for a vegetarian to “backslide.”

This blog post is lame, but so are the questions that are put to vegetarians.  I look forward to more  inquiries and comments from people who may be considering making a life style change that involves eating vegetarian meals.

My post is just food for thought…….and, oh yeah,  I AM STILL A VEGETARIAN


About GDR: I am a positive , self-motivated individual who has gained strength from life's gifts, trials and lessons. I enjoy networking with others through written communication. My goal is to inspire, motivate and fellowship with others via The gdr blog. Additionally, hablo espanol!

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