Keep Your Healthy Lifestyle Fun and Exciting

Keep Your Healthy Lifestyle Fun and Exciting

Over the past five years I made some lifestyle changes that have proven to be beneficial to my health and well-being. For example, I became a vegetarian, started following a regular exercising schedule, and maintained my healthy weight. I feel like I am on a mission of discovery; I continue to find ways to make my simple meals more flavorful, while enjoying the wonderful colors of my food. I am happy I made a commitment to follow a healthy lifestyle, but more importantly, I am glad I have inspired friends and family to switch to healthier diets.

Part of the reason I am able to inspire others who are seeking to adopt healthier eating habits is because I share my excitement about healthy eating. I am not on a mission to convince others to become vegetarians; on the contrary, extraordinary results began to occur before I made the switch to vegetarianism. I don’t view my diet choice as a restriction; I look at it as an exciting opportunity for a better quality of life. It is a journey which keeps on giving me reasons to continue.

A great way to begin your journey to a healthier lifestyle is to connect, directly, with people who have traveled the road you’re seeking. Share their experiences, especially if good results are evident. As those individuals help and motivate you, they get a chance to renew their own commitments. In fact, some may use the connection as a means of rededicating themselves to their original plan. After all, there are times when we fall off course.

No matter where you are in your plan or journey, you can help someone else. Connecting with others opens the door to information and ideas that can be shared. Additionally, you discover ways to add variety, fun, and creativity to diet and exercise routines. That’s how I keep my healthy lifestyle fun and exciting; that’s why I have stuck to the plan.

Good Luck!

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About GDR: I am a positive , self-motivated individual who has gained strength from life's gifts, trials and lessons. I enjoy networking with others through written communication. My goal is to inspire, motivate and fellowship with others via The gdr blog. Additionally, hablo espanol!

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