You’re a Winner

You’re a Winner

008Many challenges in our lives have proven to be bigger than we may have envisioned. The challenges we encounter do not always reveal the rewards at the onset, so we become fearful. I believe that if the prize was immediately known, we would probably move forward fearlessly.

Sometimes we take on challenges that are outside of our strength capacity. I believe we do this because we instinctively know that there is a reserve of strength. When winning was the only option we would accept, we went as far as we could, then a little more. Trust that the reserve of strength and determination is ever present to support us in all aspects of our lives. Learn to challenge it—that’s how winners win and then win again.

A sure way to reveal the winner in you is to chase fears away; the best way to do that is to start celebrating your victory in the mist of doubtful thoughts. Once your fears and doubts have been dispelled, the path is wide open for you to forge ahead to victory.

You’re a winner!  Get ready to celebrate!

(Originally posted Nov.

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