Long Live Crafters

Long Live Crafters

Hello World of Crafters!  Hola y bien venido amigos!

Two crochet books that I like are:  “Get Your Crochet On” by Afya Ibomu and “The Crochet Dude” by Drew Emborsky. Both have great projects that are suitable for various skill levels.

I am really pleased to see that so many people are learning crafts.  There are  a large number of knitting  and crotchet crafters.  Since I  crochet, I will focus on that particular craft.  Crochet is being enjoyed by individuals of all ages, male and female. I personally believe that crochet is a magical craft.  A tangled pile of yarn on the floor can be transformed into a hat, a scarf, a sweater or a vase. Magic!  The possibilities are endless. Additionally, there are lots of crafters that can be found on instagram.

Craft is defined as: a profession or activity involving the skillful making of decorative or practical objects by hand, e.g. weaving, pottery, or woodcarving

Your craft is all about you; it adds value to your life.  No matter what you make or who owns it, your skillful hands meticulously pulled it all together.   Now you can sit back and watch the credits for your crafty work roll across the imaginary screen, you hear applause in the background.  You’re thinking –I am great at this…that’s how I feel.

As crafters, our biggest and most important Project is to teach someone a craft or skill that will add value to his or her life.   Enjoy your craft.  Encourage others to join in.

Long live the craft for future generations to enjoy and pass forward.

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