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Create a Healthier Lifestyle, By Taking Small Steps

Meatless Meal

Setting out on a course to correct poor eating habits can be exciting, challenging, frustrating, fun and rewarding……. but above all it can be a successful endeavor.

The hardest part of switching to healthier eating habits is changing your eating patterns.  Replace the heavy stuff with less fat and add more vegetables and whole grains.  Decrease the portions; increase the frequency.  Try small sensible meals every 3 to 4 hours throughout the day. Continuing in this pattern leads to improved appetite control.   It works!

Try having 1 or 2 vegetarian meals each week.  Invite a friend to try the plan with you; have fun and support each other.  Most doctors are impressed with these subtle changes that lead to improved health.  Confer with your doctor to be certain.  I decided to skip the trial period and go straight to becoming a vegetarian.  I got excellent results; I lost 16 pounds and I am down 1 dress size.   Food is more exciting than ever; it is so much fun to enjoy good food and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

A friend tried the 1, 2 or 3 veggie meals per week.   She lost 15 pounds; her skin has become much more radiant and her energy level has soared.  She has inspired me to reach out to others that might need some motivation as they began their exciting  journey to a healthier lifestyle.

Hey, if you end up drifting off course……RECALCULATE.….get back on course.  Amaze yourself!

(This is a repost from 2008: I recently celebrated 12 yours of my vegetarian lifestyle.)

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