Teaching Your Craft Adds Value To The World

Hello World of Crafters!  Hola y bien venido amigos! I am really pleased to see that so many people are learning crafts.  There are  a large number of knitting  and crotchet crafters.  Since I  crochet, I will focus on that particular craft.  Crochet is being enjoyed by individuals of all ages, male and female.  I personally believe […]

Gratitude and Appreciation

Using Gratitude and Appreciation To Power Your Life

We spin a lot of time and effort focusing on what is wrong in our lives.  Somehow we have arrived at the conclusion that the other guy has it all.  All of what?  We don’t know the answer; it just makes for a good defense when someone actually pauses long enough to listen to our non-productive comments.    It […]

Family Gratitude and Appreciation

Finding The Hidden Power Behind What You Couldn’t Stand About Your Parents!

Hello World.  Y hola al mundo. Hey parents, have you noticed that the things that we rebelled most about with our parents are the very things that we reach back for when we need strength and purpose while raising our own children?  Don’t worry—they will forgive you and if you use all the right stuff at the […]

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