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Using Gratitude and Appreciation To Power Your Life

We spin a lot of time and effort focusing on what is wrong in our lives.  Somehow we have arrived at the conclusion that the other guy has it all.  All of what?  We don’t know the answer; it just makes for a good defense when someone actually pauses long enough to listen to our non-productive comments.   

It is time for each of us to make a commitment to ourselves and to those around us that we will stop focusing on becoming a part of the other guy’s plan.  Instead, direct that energy toward recognizing the positive aspects that exist in your life.  Reinvent yourself!   Break the old destructive patterns.   Once you undertake that quest you will inspire others to join in.

 Express gratitude and appreciation for what is accessible…..Quietly celebrate where you are now.   Your best life can be launched from right there!

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