A Door Opens

A Door Opens

imageIt has been said that when one door closes, another one opens. I’ve learned that a door opens even if no door closes.

Sometimes an avenue of familiar travel suddenly requires a detour to a rocky road. For me, a recent family emergency brought me to that rocky road. Surprisingly, the detour proved to be eye-opening. The road was made smooth through the application of new vision, new light, and a new mindset. While maneuvering through my ordeal, I discovered resources that were always available, but I had not taken the time to familiarize myself with them. I also realized that the new responsibilities I had to take on fit right into my weekly schedule. That made the transition easier, and less stressful.

Even though life can change with no warning, there are usually options. The key is to avoid wasting valuable time lamenting, and digging a hole to find the “whys.” My life’s lessons have taught me to by-pass the ordeal of digging for the “whys”; I can honestly say that I am amazed at how challenging events have guided me to avenues of great opportunities. I learned to meet obstacles head-on, and use my energy to move forward toward my open door. Behind every door I’ve discovered untapped strength which I was motivated to unleash.

So, even if a door has not closed, even if your road has not become rocky; keep an open mind–a door will open. Explore the possibilities behind every door; trust that you will be guided to greater tomorrows!

Dare to explore what lies behind the open door…


Image: GDR

About GDR: I am a positive , self-motivated individual who has gained strength from life's gifts, trials and lessons. I enjoy networking with others through written communication. My goal is to inspire, motivate and fellowship with others via The gdr blog. Additionally, hablo espanol!

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