Celebrate Black History Month February 1st through February 28th

Celebrate Black History Month February 1st through February 28th

Black History Month is a good time to acknowledge the contributions of past black leaders, inventors, and innovators. Those individuals were influential in the creation of better lives for us.

In addition to celebrating past contributors, we need to spend time creating unity within our families. If there is disconnection in the family, someone has to take the first step to reconnect family ties. Moreover, reestablishing unity among family members sets an excellent example for young people. Keep in mind, we are creating history right now, so why not focus on reinventing unity and family values?

There are many positive ways to celebrate Black History Month. No matter how you choose to participate, make an honest effort to inspire and motivate others. After all, we want to create reasons for future generations to celebrate our contributions.

Celebrate Black History Month February 1st through February 28th–create positive black history throughout the year.

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2 thoughts on “Celebrate Black History Month February 1st through February 28th

  1. I think a great way for black families to connect during black history month is to write family histories. They can interview each other and create family trees, thereby creating their own black history legacies.

  2. As always, I appreciate your positive thoughts. I am connecting with the young people in my family. If I can pass on as much as I know, hopefully, they will be motivated to continue to build by interviewing other family members.

    Thank you for sharing.

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