You Talkin’ to Me…or are You Talkin’ on the Phone?

You Talkin’ to Me…or are You Talkin’ on the Phone?

Grin and Bear it 😀

I like talking on my cell phone as much as anyone else, but sometimes we need to put our phones down just long enough to see what is going on around us.

If it appears that someone is talking to me, I assume he or she is on the phone, and I just ignore that individual. I used to respond, only to realize that the person was talking on the cell phone. People hate when you talk and smile at them when they are having a private conversation—even if they are right next to your shopping cart.

Recently, I have been encountering people who actually want to talk; unfortunately, I find myself totally ignoring them; I just cannot endure anymore rejection or evil looks that are sure to come if I mistakenly interrupt a phone conversation. If the person is not on the phone, by the time I respond, it is too late. I am now rejected and shunned by someone who had probably exhausted the minutes on the cell phone—and just wanted to talk to someone. The only way to redeem myself in a situation like that is to fake a phone call; therefore, I begin chatting to a fake friend…luckily, I remembered to attach the Bluetooth device to my ear. It is acceptable to ignore people, as long as you have a cell phone—that way you are saved by the fake bell.
It is even worse on the street; when friends and acquaintances holler out a friendly, “hey”, I make every effort to not turn or respond because I am afraid I’ll be interrupting someone’s phone call.

Our leaders say that in order to spot irregularities which may point out potential dangers, we, as Americans, should be aware of our surroundings. I am sure everyone is more than happy to do that—as soon as he or she takes “this” call.

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