Let’s Stop the Bullying

Let’s Stop the Bullying

See the LightMany adults engage in a form of bullying; they bring it to places that are meant to be positive and uplifting. The type of bullying I’m referring to is gossiping.

They could be using that time to express appreciation for their many blessings, and to uplift each other. If less time was spent dwelling on what is wrong with others, there would be time to see and to address the issues that are causing their own negative and destructive attitudes. Unfortunately, their negative behavior may be the cause of destructive patterns in their children’s behavior.

Children that become bullies are mimicking behavior they’ve seen among family members. (Their role models)

When adults start setting better examples for young children, we will see a positive change in the attitudes and behavior of our youth.

Let’s stop the bullying by becoming positive role models.

Parents, please do everything in your power to build your children up so that they are less likely to try to tear other children down.

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