A Trip Down Memory Lane Could Guide You To a Brighter Future

A Trip Down Memory Lane Could Guide You To a Brighter Future

TexturedSometimes memories of the past hold us back and hinder mental and spiritual growth.

 The past is merely a story that was begun in our childhood years.  It is etched in the memory from a child’s prospective.  In order to gain the
power that the past holds for your present and future, you need to reevaluate bad or troubling memories— from an adult prospective.  You might have to go back several times.  The great news is that you will be enlightened and empowered.  

 Avoid holding on to unhappy memories; they will surely form an unhappy
present and future. The adult version of the story will help you to see yourself and your family in a new light.  The best way to release yourself from the past is to review your story.  You will laugh, you might cry, but you will feel a renewed sense of admiration for the people who raised you and protected you in the best way they knew.  Move forward with the positive aspects….the memories that will help you to grow.

 Go ahead;the road is not as rocky as you might think.


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