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Find Something At the Gym That Inspires You; Focus On Things That Motivate You. Don’t Allow Anyone or Anything to Block Your Aspirations.

As I continue to maneuver my way past the obstacles that seem to block my path to the gym, I find and create more fun ways to inspire myself. I love the results that I am getting, but on many days, it is still a challenge to workout. The good news is– no matter how much I have to push myself to go to the gym, once I am there I feel good, and motivation starts to take over.

Experts say that people who need to address weight concerns are reluctant to workout at the gym. Obese individuals say that they are ashamed to be seen in health clubs, along with thin people. Those feelings may be valid; however, they should not prevent you from seeking inspiration and motivation from people who have made healthy life style changes. Find a friend or relative that is facing a similar challenge as yours. Create a realistic schedule that allows you to exercise together. Commit to an exercise regimen based on what your doctor has approved for you. Before long, your focus will be on the positive changes that you have made, and on your future goals.

Acquire inspiration from your efforts, from your commitment, and from your accomplishments. Don’t limit or deprive yourself because of your fears or due to feelings of embarrassment.

Making healthy life style changes is a journey which requires a sincere commitment—stay focused on the purpose of your journey. The positive changes that you are making will inspire future generations, as well as create a new trend. Move forward with confidence, determination, and a realistic outlook! Your efforts will inspire many.

Amaze yourself—you are awesome because you made the effort.

Own your new life style—Own your goals…Focus on your mission!

Enjoy your journey…You will discover that more people than you think are waiting to cheer you on.


An excellent book:
It’s Your Time, By Pastor Joel Osteen, 2009

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