Make Time to Teach Children Crafts

Make Time to Teach Children Crafts

Technology has provided so many electronic gadgets for adults and children to use for entertainment and education. People of all ages enjoy using smart phones and computers; some thought they would never have use for those “fancy gadgets.” We should all embrace and enjoy the advancing technological offerings.

Every now and then we need to put down our smart gadgets, and use some basic knowledge to teach a child a craft. Learning a craft sparks children’s imaginations; they become excited when they learn to make things by hand. It also opens the door for conversation and bonding. Even if you don’t know a craft to teach, try learning a craft with your child. You’d be surprised at how fast children grasp techniques. A fun way to bring the family together is to create a day or evening on the weekends when the focus is on teaching, and learning crafts–such as sewing, crocheting, knitting, and even small repair jobs around the house or apartment.

Children need constructive things to occupy their minds—we, as adults, just have to turn off the smart phone long enough to share our own smarts with our children.

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