It Still Takes a Village to Raise a Child…

It Still Takes a Village to Raise a Child…

It has been said that it takes a village to raise a child. One definition of a village is:
“a community of people, smaller than a town”

A thesaurus provides several other words that can be used when referring to a village; a few are quite common–precinct, ward, parish, and suburb.

Many of us live in areas that can be considered a village setting. Does that mean that most neighborhoods have the power to influence the development of well trained individuals who have the potential to go on and become future leaders? I think yes, especially if parents start to mold their young children’s lives with the intention of preparing them to be good citizens. If parents view their responsibilities as vital to the community and to the entire world, every family in the community will have the credentials to participate in the upbringing of children—not just their own. It is time to reinvent the village; that is the only way we will be able to redirect our children’s lives. That is the only way we will be able empower ourselves.

Families are constantly looking for solutions to the issues they encounter while raising children. The biggest concern today is how to keep them safe within their communities. The safety of children has become a major concern for city officials, as well as for the leaders of our country. Even though issues will continue to present themselves, parents need to establish a village setting within the home environment. By doing so, they have a chance to train children, from the infant stage, and get them in the habit of catering to rules and guidelines; such training benefits the family and the community. Additionally, as children grow and begin to interact with others in their community, they will understand how the character of the entire world is established by good upbringing and positive values obtained from their families.

Parents have a responsibility to send well trained individuals into the community; as well, communities can participate in the development of well-rounded young citizens who will have the potential go forth and build better tomorrows for themselves and for their families. Once we make a commitment to rededicate ourselves to the task of instilling positive values and morals in our children, we will see a reversal in the violent trend that is ending young lives and destroying families. The future is ours—to build through our children.

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