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Remember to Visit Relatives and Friends who are Confined To Nursing Homes

Visiting family members who are confined to nursing homes can be a traumatic experience. Unfortunately, many of us avoid visiting relatives and friends who are confined to such facilities because it is difficult to see people who were once vital and in control, being cared for like children…

Relatives and Friends:

Please make an effort to connect with individuals who are confined to nursing homes, or other care facilities. Your visits help them to feel connected. Those suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease will probably not recall your name, but your visits will make a difference.

Create a relationship based on caring; the surroundings will become less noticeable. Keep in mind, familiar faces and voices help to uplift the spirit, and lets loved ones feel that someone cares.

Create a good day for someone. It doesn’t matter how much time has passed, go today. Make someone’s day—the rewards will warm your heart.


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