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A Door Opens

imageIt has been said that when one door closes, another one opens. I’ve learned that a door opens even if no door closes.

Sometimes an avenue of familiar travel suddenly requires a detour to a rocky road. For me, a recent family emergency brought me to that rocky road. Surprisingly, the detour proved to be eye-opening. The road was made smooth through the application of new vision, new light, and a new mindset. While maneuvering through my ordeal, I discovered resources that were always available, but I had not taken the time to familiarize myself with them. I also realized that the new responsibilities I had to take on fit right into my weekly schedule. That made the transition easier, and less stressful.

Even though life can change with no warning, there are usually options. The key is to avoid wasting valuable time lamenting, and digging a hole to find the “whys.” My life’s lessons have taught me to by-pass the ordeal of digging for the “whys”; I can honestly say that I am amazed at how challenging events have guided me to avenues of great opportunities. I learned to meet obstacles head-on, and use my energy to move forward toward my open door. Behind every door I’ve discovered untapped strength which I was motivated to unleash.

So, even if a door has not closed, even if your road has not become rocky; keep an open mind–a door will open. Explore the possibilities behind every door; trust that you will be guided to greater tomorrows!

Dare to explore what lies behind the open door…


Image: GDR



009One definition of the word “bloom”:

the period of greatest prosperity or productivity
syn: flower, prime, peak, heyday, blossom, efflorescence, flushyday, blossom, efflorescence, flush

My favorite quotes by Mary Engelbreit:

“Bloom where you are planted”

“Happiness must be grown in one’s own garden”

The message I get from these quotes is:

Even if you find yourself “planted” in a place where you cannot see your path, remain steadfast. Create a better you for where you are now; prime yourself for where you’re headed. Growth potential begins where you are planted–allow yourself to bloom.


Look for the Light

hope 2There is no darkness, only light. Change your vision to unblock the light. In a darkened space, positive thoughts renew the spirit, and bring forth a new outlook.

Sometimes we, purposely, close out the light . We find it is easier to remain in our downhearted state. But if we think about it, many of us know that grief, roadblocks, and misfortune sometime illuminate a path we never thought we’d travel. That light, though blinding for a moment, often guides us to an inner strength that had not been revealed before.

Even if the path is obscure, keep moving forward. Adjust your vision as you go–you’re headed toward better.

I marvel at how much light can be obtained from a bleak situation. For me, allowing my thoughts to carry me away from a downhearted state of mind triggers that light. At that moment, the choice is mine–with a renewed vision, I move Forward.

Choose to see the light.



Who’s Minding Our Rights?

013No matter what the cause, the struggles put forth to defend a cause is what will be remembered. This thought came to mind after I listened to the comments made by Common and John Legend as they accepted their Oscars for the song Glory. The two wrote the song for the movie Selma; they received an Oscar for Best Original Song.

Winning the award was, no doubt, a momentous occasion for both performers, but each took a moment to remind us that there is still work to be done in the struggle for equality. It was an emotional moment for me because, not only did these two young men acknowledge the struggle that had taken place almost 50 years ago in Selma, Alabama; they recognized the need to build and strengthen equality bridges today. John Legend further reminded us that the responsibility lies with each of us to continue the struggle that Martin Luther King and other civil rights leaders started. His comments were strong and factual; they were fused by genuine emotion. His speech was the highlight of the Oscar ceremony for me.

Some of the recent events that have occurred involving Blacks losing their lives at the hands of individuals who were not held accountable have left me shaking my head. I can’t help but feel that the life value of Blacks is depreciating at a fast pace. The struggle put forth to obtain equal rights in the past has brought us to an era where those rights no longer appear to apply. Remembering the struggle is not enough, we need to continue to fight for equality because little by little our space in this society is being diminished.

The bridges we struggled to cross to gain equality have being compromised. In other words, it appears that we need to keep going back to the original battle ground to fight for turf we thought had already been acquired. Sadly, as we move forward we discover that some of the rights we thought had been won are still in jeopardy.

Going back to Selma, and other places where blacks fought, endured pain, and even died serves as a reminder to us that the struggle must remain a part of our agenda. For certain it is each generation’s responsibility to mind our rights just as the shop owner minds the goods in a store; for, the shoplifters of equality seek to rob, steal, and destroy the rights that were won at a great cost.

Heartfelt thoughts to those who were part of the struggle to get laws passed that opened doors for Blacks in America; now, many years later, Black Americans still find themselves waiting in line to get stamped and approved for those rights.

The rights obtained in our yesterdays have opened many doors for today. It is our responsibility to elect leaders who will make sure Black America’s outlook for tomorrow is even more promising. That way we will know, and have a say so in who is minding our rights.



Writer’s Block

IMG_0076From time to time I lose my motivation to write. When I attend the writers group meetings, I gain inspiration that helps me to find new content. Not only is attending writers group meetings a way to help cure writer’s block, but you are able to discuss the problem with other writers. You’d be surprised at how many good writers have had to overcome writer’s block. You are likely to benefit from listening to the techniques they may have used to jump-start their writing efforts.

There are also books that contain helpful hints for starting writing projects. I recently purchased 62 Blog Posts to Overcome Blogger’s Block, written by Marcie Hill. This book has helped me to get started on writing projects that I had pushed aside. For me, Marcie’s book provided the “kick” I needed to start reviewing those drafts. I was motivated to polish up content that I can now use for my blog, for Open Mic presentations, or to create inspirational posters. Even published authors can benefit from the material covered in 62 Blog Posts to Overcome Blogger’s Block.

If you are in a writing slump, try writing about what may have attributed to your writer’s block. The thought process will help you to move forward. You can then share your experience with other writers who may need inspiration.

Writing is a platform from which you can reach people, and inspire positive change. We are all connected by words–use yours creatively to uplift the world.

Unblock your creativity!

The book I mentioned is an excellent tool for writers. For more information, visit marciehill.com.


62 Blog Posts to Overcome Blogger’s Block, by Marcie Hill


Shelter From the Storm

Cozy 1width="150"

Whether your “shelter from the storm” is ritzy rich, comfy cosy, or just a little shabby–be ever grateful for it.




Relaxing is not always a time to do nothing. When I come home with the intention to relax, I find myself looking for things to do that I enjoy; such as, craft projects, reading a book, or even a simple sewing project. When I mention to people how I spend a relaxing day or evening, they are quick to point out that if I spend time sewing or working on craft projects I am not relaxing. They view these activities as work. Actually, my idea of relaxation is doing things that I enjoy–things that make me smile, think, and unwind.

Relaxation doesn’t always have to be about napping or resting. Sometimes it is just taking a break and seeking out something you haven’t taken the time to Enjoy lately.

Relax and let your creative mind take charge.

Relax. Enjoy. Refresh.


Happy Holidays

hope 2Keeping it simple does not mean the holiday can’t be festive and enjoyable; in fact, a holiday filled with simple, relaxing events can prove to be empowering. Getting caught up in the excitement and anticipation of any event can cause some anxiety, but if care is taken to minimize spending, you feel more satisfied at the end of the season. Spend the holiday enjoying each other’s company. Share good times—especially memories that live on forever. The best holiday joys are the ones that cannot be contained in wrapping paper.

Be sure to remind family, friends, and guests that their presence is much more valuable than the presents.

Remember to do your part to create a good season for yourself, and for those around you.

Happy Holidays to all!


008The past is a story that was begun in our childhood years. It is etched in the memory from a child’s perspective. In order to gain the power that the past holds for your present and future, you need to reevaluate bad or troubling memories–from an adult perspective. You might have to go back several times. The great news is that you will be enlightened, inspired, and empowered. Avoid holding on to unhappy memories; they will surely form an unhappy present and future. The adult version of the story will help you to see yourself and your family in a new light. The best way to release yourself from the past is to review your story. You will laugh, you might cry, but you will feel a renewed sense of admiration for the people who raised you and protected you in the best way they knew. Move forward with the positive aspects, which are the memories that will help you to grow. These memories will also give you a better perspective for enhancing your parenting skills. A child’s mind could never have found logic in why parents protected and cared for us the way they did. When I became a parent, it all made sense–well, most of it.

My heart goes out to those who have overcome, and built stable lives in spite of troubling events that may have occurred in their past.

(I published this blog post in August of 2009. I inserted it in a piece I wrote later titled Parenting for a Change)
Image: Print Artist


You’re a Winner

008Many challenges in our lives have proven to be bigger than we may have envisioned. The challenges we encounter do not always reveal the rewards at the onset, so we become fearful. I believe that if the prize was immediately known, we would probably move forward fearlessly.

Sometimes we take on challenges that are outside of our strength capacity. I believe we do this because we instinctively know that there is a reserve of strength. When winning was the only option we would accept, we went as far as we could, then a little more. Trust that the reserve of strength and determination is ever present to support us in all aspects of our lives. Learn to challenge it—that’s how winners win and then win again.

A sure way to reveal the winner in you is to chase fears away; the best way to do that is to start celebrating your victory in the mist of doubtful thoughts. Once your fears and doubts have been dispelled, the path is wide open for you to forge ahead to victory.

You’re a winner!  Get ready to celebrate!

(Originally posted Nov. 2011-thegdrblog.com)