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Many of us, at one time of another, have been accused of being in someone else’s proverbial video.

Review the video—you may be shocked to discover that your life-style is causing you to attract  negative, unproductive energy.  Take a moment to reverse the video…

Identifying your own imperfections  is the first positive step toward creating harmony in your life.

In short, the solution to creating a more user friendly life-style is to first resolve the unfavorable issues that are clearly visible in your video.  You can then, not only change the direction of your life, but you can impact a new generational trend.  

Go ahead—- it’s your power—-try it out—- bring forth positive change from where you are right now!




Hey parents, have you noticed that the things we defied most with our parents are the very things that we reach back for when we need strength and purpose while raising our own children?  Don’t worry—your children will forgive you and if you use all the right stuff at the right time—they might even thank you…along with some enlightening criticism , of course. 

Go to your parents and thank them.

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Season To Season

The definition that best fits the word season is a period of the year marked by special events or activities.

The seasons that occur in our lives do not always occur within one year span; sometimes we go through seasons that appear to last for years.  What we sometimes fail to realize is that whether we move forward or not; the world continues its process. Thankfully, most of us are capable of enjoying that process in spite of our own inward focus.

Living in the mid-west, I get to experience the four distinct seasons of the year. So, as the seasons come and go, I make sure I grasp and enjoy what each season offers. No matter how much I love or hate a particular time of year, a new season is on the way. Sometimes the most beautiful time of the year brings the worst weather conditions; yet, I look forward to those times to repair myself from the previous season. There is no option that allows me to remain in a chosen season just because that is the one I prefer. I brace myself, move on, and adjust to the joy or pain that may lie ahead. When I think about it, I can find a reason for each season change. Nothing scientific, just simple logic that I can relate to. The bottom line is each season gives us something to look forward to.

Even the time of year that we dread the most brings something that can be enjoyed. In the summer we experience the great outdoors, along with the many fun activities that always seem to end too soon. Yet, fall becomes a refuge from the heat and humidity of summer. The brief fall season offers up beautiful, refreshing weather, as well as breathtaking colors. Before you know it, we’re headed to the frigid cold of winter. Yet, the joy of the coming holidays and a new year takes the chill off. Then we can hardly wait for spring to break the grip of the winter blues. As spring arrives, bringing fresh air and spring foliage, the excitement for summer days starts again.

It took me a while, but I have learned to experience each season as if it were the only one. That helped me to fully enjoy the here and now, while allowing the universe to take care of the rest.

We have the power to create and control seasons that can enhance our personal lives. Seasons are merely time passing in a particular order. No matter what season or time of year we’re in, our personal season is ever-changing according to our lifestyles. Unfortunately, life’s seasons are not always favorable, but if we are patient, and take the time to find the benefits, we can enjoy all of the seasons in life. What we create effects how our lives play out.  But more importantly, the changing of the seasons should be looked upon as new beginnings, or new awakenings. Vow to make each new beginning a quest to awaken new thoughts and a better lifestyle.

The seasons we go through are not only shaping our future, but the future of generations to come. We hold the key to positive seasons in human behavior. As well, we each have the power to be the change we want to see . In other words, when we create good seasons in our own lives, we are contributing to positive change in the minds of an entire universe. Unfortunately, the same holds true for allowing negative elements that “blow” into our paths to contaminate our thoughts. Remember, it is each of our responsibility to create positive changes. Make sure that your impact on the state of the world is good. There is a great possibility that someone will be affected in a positive way.

Our lifestyles, behavior, and reactions play a major role in how the world around us progresses forward. So, season to season do your part to keep the outlook bright and colorful.


Sometimes we place obstacles in our own path. Is that our way of avoiding pending challenges? Challenges condition us—mentally and physically. They give us a chance to tap into the reserve of strength that reveals itself when all other options have been exhausted.

The road to success may have various obstacles, but we can maneuver much faster if we don’t bring our own road blocks.

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By Gdr


Miracles/ Milagros

Just when I was convinced that the miracles I’d seen in my life were overwhelming, I became aware of the following story:

The story of the little boy (Casey) who was lost in the woods, after wandering away from his grandmother’s home, really touched me. I was glad when it was announced on the news that he had been rescued. I know his family prayed without ceasing. I believe  that was the power that guided the heavenly angels to camp around that baby. According to Casey, he was with a bear during his time in the woods. Guardian angels come in all shapes and sizes. That family is fortunate to have their child back. 

Anyone that is familiar with the story, should feel a sense of thankfulness for the power of prayer. Additionally, we should all remain ever grateful for the miracles that await us. Even in the darkest of night, miracles will find their way—even if we can’t.

Inspired by the story about @Caseyandthebear. 


La historia del niño (Casey) que se perdió en el bosque, después de alejarse de la casa de su abuela, realmente me conmovió. Me alegré cuando se anunció en las noticias que había sido rescatado. Sé que su familia oró sin cesar. Creo que ese fue el poder que guió a los ángeles celestiales a acampar alrededor de ese bebé. Según Casey, él estaba con un oso durante su tiempo en el bosque. Los ángeles guardianes vienen en todas las formas y tamaños. Esa familia tiene la suerte de recuperar a su hijo.

Cualquiera que esté familiarizado con la historia, debe sentirse agradecido por el poder de la oración. Además, todos debemos permanecer siempre agradecidos por los milagros que nos esperan. Incluso en la noche más oscura, los milagros encontrarán su camino. Incluso si no podemos encontrar el nuestro.

Gracias, @Caseyandthebear.


Celebrate Black History Month

Black History Month is a good time to acknowledge the contributions of past black leaders, inventors, and innovators. Those individuals were influential in the creation of better lives for us.

In addition to celebrating past contributors, we need to spend time creating unity within our families. If there is disconnection in the family, someone has to take the first step to reconnect family ties. Moreover, reestablishing unity among family members sets an excellent example for young people. Keep in mind, we are creating history right now, so why not focus on reinventing unity and family values?

There are many positive ways to celebrate Black History Month. No matter how you choose to participate, make an honest effort to inspire and motivate others. After all, we want to create reasons for future generations to celebrate our contributions.

Celebrate Black History Month February 1st through February 28th–create positive black history throughout the year.

(This was originally posted on January 29, 2012-thegdrblog.com)

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What It Means to Be Grateful

Being grateful means showing appreciation for all of life’s gifts, including good health, wellbeing, and talents. As well, I believe that sincere expressions of gratitude and appreciation create more things to be thankful for. When we are grateful and appreciative of the things that are important in life, we are better able to handle temporary setbacks that may impact our daily routine.

It is important that we take advantage of the numerous chances we have been given to be thankful. That means not complaining about trivial issues, and making an honest effort to highlight the positive aspects of our lives—even in trying times. It is not immediately apparent, but maneuvering through difficult times helps us to grow stronger as we persevere. Not only are we able to maintain control, we are empowered to create a better lifestyle for ourselves. We also set a positive example for relatives and friends.

Take a few minutes every day to express gratitude; there are so many things to be thankful for. Make everyday a day of thanksgiving—not just the day indicated on the calendar as an annual holiday. You will be continuously amazed to see all the things there are to be thankful for.

Unfortunately, stress related health problems have plagued individuals in all walks of life. Use gratitude and appreciation as tools during those times—and celebrate your miracle as you go through the healing process.

Expressing gratitude and appreciation builds faith so we are able to tackle the hills and valleys encountered on our journey. So be grateful. Be blessed.


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Simply Enjoy the Moment

There are so many good things that instant messaging and electronic communications have given us. Even though many will continue to use it for harm and destruction, I am thankful that it reminds me to value each positive moment. Through instant messaging, your spirit could potentially be shattered or strengthened in the blink of an eye. I have learned that when I’m centered in positive energy—-I am protected from the damaging effects of other’s negativity. Moreover, I am able to convert the negativity into more reasons for simply enjoying my moments.

Simply enjoying the moment is my best defense against outside forces that may attempt to break my spirit.


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The past is a story that was begun in our childhood years. It is etched in the memory from a child’s perspective. In order to gain the power that the past holds for your present and future, you need to reevaluate bad or troubling memories–from an adult perspective. You might have to go back several times. The great news is that you will be enlightened, inspired, and empowered. Avoid holding on to unhappy memories; they will surely form an unhappy present and future. The adult version of the story will help you to see yourself and your family in a new light. The best way to release yourself from the past is to review your story. You will laugh, you might cry, but you will feel a renewed sense of admiration for the people who raised you and protected you in the best way they knew. Move forward with the positive aspects, which are the memories that will help you to grow. These memories will also give you a better perspective for enhancing your parenting skills. A child’s mind could never have found logic in why parents protected and cared for us the way they did. When I became a parent, it all made sense–well, most of it.

My heart goes out to those who have overcome, and built stable lives in spite of troubling events that may have occurred in their past.

(I published this blog post in August of 2009. I inserted it in a piece I wrote later titled Parenting for a Change)

Note: I recently read a article in a UnitedHeath publication which stated that it is important to build from past experiences. The article pointed out that good or challenging experiences can be used to build a better future for ourselves, as well as for those we interact with.

Parenting for a Change received honorable mention in a Readers Digest writing contest.

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Challenge Yourself

Photo by Gabriella Green

Last year I decided to restart my Spanish lessons. I enrolled in an intermediate level class. At first I was intimidated because the class description indicated that our grades would be based ont our ability to speak and understand Spanish. My first reaction was to abandon the class. I know I wanted to learn to speak Spanish, but I wasn’t sure if I was ready for full immersion. I had completed the two required Spanish prerequisites more than four years prior.

On the first day of class, I watched nervously as more and more students filed in to the classroom. Some knew each other from their previous Spanish classes. This made me feel even more out of place. A little later, the professor arrived, and began to address the class in Spanish. Although I understood him perfectly, my jitters did not end. While the professor was speaking, one student stood up and exited the classroom—without a word. I was thinking, “This is your chance, go!” I decided to stay.

The conversational Spanish class turned out to be great. The professor did an excellent job of creating a learning environment that helped his students gain confidence while practicing their Spanish skills. I am so glad I stayed, and took the challenge.

I took back-to-back conversational Spanish classes that year. I had the same professor for both. My final grade in each class was an “A”. I now speak Spanish confidently, and I understand it well.

I am especially glad that I did not block my own progress by running away from something that I really wanted.

Sometimes it is easy to recognize what, or who is holding you back—just flip the camera on your smartphone. Oh wow.

When taking on challenges, set your navigational sights to “success”—that way it will be much easier to overcome any blocks that you may encounter.