Month: December 2009


Focus On The Positive Aspects Of Life—Use Family Gatherings And Holiday Parties As Times For Reflection

As we approach the end of 2009, let’s take time to reflect back on our accomplishments, and positive events. While preparing for the Christmas Holiday, start to list the positive events that you experienced during the year.  Encourage holiday guests to create their lists of happy events and accomplishments.  Before dinner allow each guest two […]

Gratitude and Appreciation

Strengthen Your Faith–Through Gratitude Expression

When you find yourself in a predicament that appears to be hopeless, out of nowhere, the brick wall materializes.  Then, since it is physically impossible to go through a brick wall–a stop sign constructs itself in your path. Suddenly,  there are too many obstacles; therefore, you give up and turn back …… Use gratitude to get through all […]

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